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It is in times like these that we all need to band together. So we have decided to post some daily workouts to do in your home so you can keep stress low, keep fitness and immune building a priority and still get to hang with us a bit. Below is our first workout on this St. Patricks Day!

The Forward Workout of the Day:

Perform the following exercise circuit for one of the following time intervals:

(Exercise rarely) Level 1 - :20 of work/:40 of rest

(Exercise occasionally) Level 2 - :30 of work/:30 of rest

(Exercise often) Level 3 - :40 of work/:20 of rest

This will allow you to choose the duration of each interval based on your level of conditioning.

Perform the entire workout for the following time duration based on your fitness level.


Level 1 - 16 min - this will be 4 times through the circuit

Level 2 - 20 min - this will be 5 times through the circuit

Level 3 - 24 min - this will be 6 times through the circuit

Exercise 1 - Mountain Climber

Level 1 - Inclined and Marching

Level 2 - Flat and Marching

Level 3 - Flat and Running

Exercise 2 - Squat

Level 1 - Squat to chair

Level 2 - Squat - Bodyweight - no assistance

Level 3 - Squat - Tempo (3/1/2)

Level 4 - Squat - Jump

Exercise 3 - Plank Hold

Level 1 - Inclined w/Straight Arms

Level 2 - Flat w/Straight Arms

Level 3 - Flat include shoulder taps

Exercise 4 - Burpees

Level 1 - Inclined and step back with worm

Level 2 - Flat and Step back with worm

Level 3 - Flat with Jump Back with worm or push-up

A great App to use for these interval workouts is called FlexTimer. It is easy to use and works with Android and iPhone. You can also include the kiddos by inviting them to participate in the exercises, or helping to time you and count reps. Have fun and be creative!

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