CBD - What's all the buzz about?

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

By Melissa Thomas and Chad Yonkus


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid found in the cannabis plant,and it has been getting a lot of recent attention.

Endocannabinoids are a special class of neurotransmitters that can be produced inside the human body, whereas phytocannabinoids are produced by plants. Cannabinoid receptors are expressed throughout the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

The endocannabinoid system, as a vital part of our central nervous system and peripheral tissues, helps modulate and regulate many of the processes of the body, such as, immune, hormonal, cognitive, and sensory-motor functions.

CBD has been scientifically tested and shown to be analgesic, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and anti-insomnia. This touches on some of the many affects CBD has on the human body and its healing potential.

As CBD users ourselves, we have continued to search for the best quality and value in a CBD product. This is difficult in such a young industry with many CBD companies producing products. So, we feel it is very important to understand how to differentiate between the CBD variables that make some products more optimal and valuable than others.

- Organic material: Organic farming is important because the extraction process not only extracts the CBD from the plant, but also all other present chemicals, such as insecticides, fungicides, pesticides and GMO’s, etc. It is possible that a non-organic hemp plant is part healing and part toxic.

- Extraction process: The extraction process is important for a few reasons. It can determine the bio-availability, the quality, and the complexity of the end extract.

- Absorption: If the body cannot use it, it isn’t worth it. Some CBD extracts are not as bioavailable as others, meaning the body cannot absorb what you just paid for. This is important as you want to maximize the return on your investment.

The extraction methods are quite complex, so we’ll make it simple. What you really need to know is that the most common method of extraction is CO2. This process renders a CBD molecule, however, the rest of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients of the plant are not used in the healing endeavor. However, they are an important part of the full healing spectrum of CBD, together they are a whole phytoorganism.

The CO2 extraction method does one more thing that we feel is less optimal for the consumption of this beneficial compound. It only creates a lipid-soluble molecule, meaning that the CBD needs oil and the proper enzymes to be absorbed into the body, which reduces the absorption and the efficacy.



The human body is 70-80% water. So, in turn water-soluble molecules are preferred for maximum absorption. When researching your CBD extract make sure to find out if it is water and lipid soluble or just lipid. If it isn’t water soluble, we recommend you keep looking. From what we have found, most aren’t.

We are very excited to announce that we now carry an incredibly powerful CBD extract. Inlightened Alchemy produces the most bio-available, cost-effective full spectrum CBD extract on the market. Why? Because of the attention to detail. We are stoked to tell you that these products are formulated in Madison, WI. They are presently being organically farmed and extracted in Colorado, however production is moving closer to home and we will be able to offer you totally local Wisconsin-grown hemp products in the coming months!

It is also important to understand that there are “broad spectrum” or “full spectrum” CBD formulations available on the market. Broad spectrum has no THC present, whereas full spectrum does contain THC. Ours is a full spectrum CBD extract. The formulation is in accordance with the legal Federal limit of 0.3%. Our product typically has 0.26% and is backed-up by 3rdparty laboratory testing. These levels of THC are incredibly low and will not produce psychoactive “high” effects. Because the levels of THC are miniscule, there is little cause for concern regarding drug screens. You would have to consume several thousand milligrams daily over a period of time in order to accumulate enough THC to fail a drug screen. There are many factors involved of course, and we can certainly go over the data if you have concerns. When THC and CBD are simultaneously present, the healing benefits of both compounds are magnified and we strongly believe in offering full spectrum CBD products.

What sets Inlightened Alchemy apart?

  • They source only organic USA-grown hemp.

  • They use an organic cane alcohol to extract, which yields both water-soluble AND lipid-soluble CBD extract.

  • After extraction, they then use a process called Spagyrics which reintroduces all of the phytonutrients back to the extractcreating what is called an “entourage effect”, delivering a complete extract that is a whole plant in liquid form. To our knowledge, no one else does this.

  • They also nano-micronize their product, by using ultrasonic vibration to restructure the molecule into a smaller, more bio-available size. Thus, creating a more effective product.

  • They use Medium-Chain-Triglycerides (MCT’s) from organic coconut oil which is the most bioavailable part of the coconut fat profile. It is easily absorbed by the brain and body.

  • What this means is that the concentration of the CBD is more potent because more of the plant is present to work symbiotically for the greatest healing benefit. It is more bio-available, getting more CBD and phytonutrients into your body, making it more effective. It is a win – win.

Our clients ask us often about CBD oil and how it can help. Forward Movement and Massage promotes holistic wellness, and we search for the best products for ourselves and our clients. Until now, we haven’t found any CBD product that we could fully endorse. Inlightened Alchemy CBD is incredibly priced, and it is superior in quality, purity, and potency. We know because we have tried many, and many have fallen short and we spent a small fortune on inferior products.

We are very excited to have access to this particular formulation that honors the plant and the healing benefits of the endo-cannabinoid system that is native to all humans.

We want you to have the best CBD’s on the market in order to enhance your healing potential. We are happy to help you understand labels, dosing, and product pricing so that you are empowered to make the most informed choices possible when it comes to your health.

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